Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I am struggling big time today.  Yesterday was Aidan's birthday and it was wonderful but at the same time so much less than what I had hoped for him.  Im trying to make up for it by proclaiming this his birthday week.  Cake everyday? Works for me.

Im living on about 3 hours of sleep a night. I know that's not nearly enough but I am doing everything I was doing when I wasn't working in the evenings.  Adam helps but I am so particular I go behind him.

I really thought being a SAHM was so much work (and it is) but working and being a mom/wife is so much more work.  Right now I'm not able to do any of those roles very well. 

I'm suffering and so is my family. I am only three months in so I'm hoping we can get into an easy routine and I will be able to manage things better.  I'm doing my best it just doesn't feel good enough right now. 

Im hoping to be able to get a good post out tonight.  We did a sweet little balloon release for Megans son Cohen yesterday that I want to share with you all in addition to what we did for Aidans bday!  So be looking for those!@

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KTBFerg said...

Hang in there, April! You're doing an amazing job as a mom, wife and blogger! Don't beat yourself up too much! You SAHMs and Working moms amaze me!