Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Aidan's Room-Part One

When we decided to make Aidan's nursery in to a big boy room I knew I wanted one thing, NO THEME.  I got sucked in to the Twinkle Twinkle theme {PBK catalog always makes them look so good} and I loved it for a while, but when it was time to change it up, I was more than excited.  When we initially put the room together I loved it, I just knew it needed more.  I wanted bright colors but a neutral bed and wall colors.  This is what we started out with...

and it was just that...a start.

Over the past few months I have tweaked it a little bit and I am finally pretty thrilled with it.
I moved his bed to another wall...
{chalkboard wall is where his bed was}

I organized all of his books. The ones that he is too old for went in a basket in his closet.
I love the chalkboard wall. 
Aidan insisted I draw a firetruck, a tree with a cat stuck in it and a house on fire.  Adam wasn't thrilled that we were drawing houses on fire considering he had just done some amateur electric work rigging up a free chandelier we spray painted and hung. 

I framed some of Aidan's artwork from school, purchased a $5 poster from Ikea and Adam and I found this great frame that says "I love you to the Moon" randomly in a boutique at the Biltmore Estate.  Every night when we put Aidan to bed that is our saying. 

Adam got this chandelier for free.  It was a hideous brass. We bought a $5 can of spray paint, painted it and hung it.  I love it.

Aidan was a huge help. Ha!

We added crown moulding and a ledge for his chalk and we're done! Except for purchasing a jute rug and a piece of personalized artwork I am waiting on to hang under the shelf above his pillow!

Perfect for a four year old packed with personality!

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Jenny H said...

so cute! I know he loves his little space!

The Whitakers said...

His room looks great!

Birdie said...

Love the room! The crown molding was the perfect touch! A chandelier medallion would accent it nicely! That red pops!