Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aidan's Birthday Week-Part Two

This part of the birthday posts is all about Aidan's party.  I know you are so excited!

I stayed up so late Friday night {4am to be exact} cleaning my house and putting up decorations for Aidan's party. 

I used a Spiderman Pinata to hang from our chandelier in the center of the table.

I found these Spiderman fruit snacks and couldn't resist them.  They ended up being a huge hit for the kids throughout the day.
I made this runner for the table with Spiderman fabric and some Stitch Witchery.  Super easy.

I bought black poster board, quickly drew these skyscrapers, cut them out and then painted the windows on them.  I think they turned out pretty well. 
I made the banner out of scrapbook paper, chip board letters, red and black polka dot ribbons. 
Aidan came in to our room Saturday morning and said to me "Mommy I really like all the Spiderman stuff you made for my party."  It made the work so worth it. 

Party favors included: a Spiderman mask, Spiderman bubbles, Spiderman watches, Spiderman Pez, Spiderman tattoos, Spiderman silly bands and these cute Spiderman bags that I bought in the gift wrap section at Wal Mart for a dollar.

Red and Blue Gatorade for the kids.   Thank goodness I bought water because the heat was so bad. I was worried someone was going to get dehydrated.  I was obnoxious about making the kids drink water all day.
Cupcakes from Polka Dot Bake Shop.  I just had them make vanilla/vanilla and chocolate/vanilla cupcakes for me. I dropped off my own Spiderman cupcake liners and then when I picked them up I put the Spiderman tooth picks in them.  So so so so good!

We rented {again} a bounce house for the backyard.  It did have Spiderman attached to it but they had to cut him off so that he didn't hit the power line.   The kids had the best time on it.   At the last minute Adam decided to call everyone and tell them to bring their bathing suits because it was so hot.   A friend of ours bought two baby pools and three slip and slides and it kept the kids from overheating.  I was happy it didn't rain but the heat was out of control. 

I was so excited when Aidan asked me to get on this with him. I just dread the day he is too cool to hang out with his Mommy.  He laughed until his stomach hurt when I was climbing up and then he asks to sit on my lap and go down the slide.  

Our neighbor owns a cookie company called Kai's Kookies and More.   I have used her several times to make cookies as favors for me and they are always gorgeous.   Dean and Deluca here in Charlotte have her make cookies for them as well. She knows how much Aidan likes her cookies so she made these for him.  Didn't they turn out so cute?

I have to confess I was entirely too busy hosting to take many pictures during the party.  The ones I took are so random they aren't even worth posting.  Such a bad blogger I am.  We had a great turnout.  About 40 people came.  It was a lot for our little house but Aidan was in heaven and we love to do it.  Thank God for that outdoor patio!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us.  Mom and Dad especially for running last minute errands for me the day of and getting Aidan's hair cut so he didn't look like Mop Head Boy and for offering to help me clean up.  You guys are the best!!!

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