Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cohen's Birthday

Not only was it Aidan's birthday yesterday is was also the 1st birthday of sweet, sweet Cohen Marshall.   I have been following his mom's blog since she was pregnant with him.   Her blog, has become one of my absolute favorites.   Not only do I love her blog but hers is one of the few Adam asks for updates on.   We cheered Cohen on from the moment we found out of his broken heart inside of Megan's belly.  We prayed endlessly for him during his twelve days here on Earth.  We were heartbroken but rejoiced for his complete healing when God chose a bigger plan for him and brought him home. 

If you want to read all about Cohen's story from the beginning, you can visit Megan's blog.  I can promise you that you will cry and your heart will ache but at the same time you will feel so inspired by the love this couple has for their son, his story and their twins that Megan is now pregnant with.  Please stop over there and say a prayer for this family.  It would mean the world to me.

Adam and I decided months ago that we wanted to do a balloon release on Cohen's birthday.  We already know he is in heaven having a better party than any of us could imagine but we loved the thought of him getting some balloons from a family that has been touched over and over by his story. 

I bought 12 balloons, one for each day of his life.  We attached a tag to them that said "Happy 1st Birthday Cohen.  You are Loved Little Man." Then I added his birth date and the day he went to heaven along with his mom's blog address. 

Aidan was so excited to share his birthday with Cohen.  He begged to let the balloons go.

 We started out one at a time and then he got anxious and starting letting bunches go. 

 The sky could not have been clearer.  We were able to watch the balloons for almost 10 minutes.  It was the perfect day to turn one.

I was really emotional {as I knew I would be}. I felt so much.  I ached for Megan and Brent. I know how bad they must have wished they had Cohen with them. I felt lucky my family was getting to play such a small part in Cohen's legacy and I had an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for Aidan as I was watching him let those balloons go.  It's because of Megan telling her story that I hold him a little tighter and love him a little harder everyday. 

Happy Birthday Cohen.  You were loved before you were created and your life lives on in the hearts of so many people little man. 

This song kept playing over and over in my head so I wanted to post it. 


Unknown said...

Such a lovely post!

Jessica said...

what a precious thing to do.

Lisa D. said...

So sweet. I'm Cohen's Nana. Thank you and many blessings to your little family!

Odie Boggs said...

Awe!! I have tears in my eyes! That is sweet of y'all.
I too love Megan's blog. I linked to her from Kelly's Korner when Cohen was diagnosed with broken a heart.


Lucy said...


ashley said...

Stopping by from Megan's.

What a sweet thought of Cohen and a wonderful way to celebrate his birth. Your son is absolutely adorable...happy birthday!

Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

Stopping by from Megan's blog! What a sweet way to celebrate Cohen's life. Megan, Brent, & Cohen have also taught me to hug tighter, kiss more often, and tell my little girl how much I love her everyday. Cohen made such an impact in his 12 days here. Thank you for sharing the impact they've had on your life.

Bethany said...

Stopping by from Megan's blog as well. What a beautiful tribute. You gave me goosebumps! & a very Happy Birthday to your son!

Ryan V. said...

Hi! Stopping by from Megan's blog. This is such a sweet gesture! Cohen is SO loved!

KM said...

Following you from Megan's blog.

What a sweet thing your family did! Very thoughtful.


aimee jones said...

Oh how sweet! This is so touching!!!

Kate G. said...

April, you guys are so sweet and thoughtful. What a great way for you to honor Cohen and let Aidan join in on the celebration. Just so sweet-- I'm so glad we're "fake friends."

Claire said...

This is so beautiful. I love that song - perfect.