Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Sign

I have been getting Aidan's Valentine's ready for school on Monday.  Last year I made these really cute Valentine's with Teddy Grahams and loved them. This year I wanted to do something cute but different from last year because most of the same kids are in his class.  I also get nervous now sending in any type of food because so many kids in his class have allergies.  So I came up with another cute idea that I am going to reveal to you on Monday but in the meantime I wanted to show you the cute sign I made today.

Cute Right? And so simple.  This project cost me zilch.  If your like me, you have tons of craft supplies hanging around and if you really put your mind to it, you can come up with ways to put that left over stuff to use. 
I had all these chip board letters left from making diaper cakes for baby showers.  The first thing I did was make sure I had enough letters to make the sign. I knew I had two or three different fonts but that didn't bother me. I thought it added to the whimsy of the sign.  There were some blue letters but that also was no biggie because I could just paint them with white craft paint.

I skipped a few steps in the picture taking process but getting to this point is pretty easy. I had a left over cabinet filler from when we remodeled our kitchen but you can get a piece of wood for super cheap at your local home improvement store.  Most places will cut it down to the size you want. My filler is 1 inch thick, 3 inches tall and almost three feet long.  It was cherry wood colored so I threw some primer on it.  I made sure I had enough room for the entire saying.

Which I did thankfully because I was not in the mood to visit the craft store today.

I painted the primed piece black. 

Another view of the painted filler. {I would just like to give myself a shout out for keeping that back splash so clean!}

I started painting the blue letters with white craft paint.  Julie was here to take pictures. So she did.

More letter painting.

Once everything was dry, I hot glued it all to the wood, added a pink heart and then hot glued another red one with polka dots on top and Hello cute Vday sign!

 I love it! And I can't wait to show you how we used it in Aidan's Valentine's Day cards for his class!  I am thinking I will keep it out for the rest of the month and then store it away for next year! 

In other news...we have made head way on our board and batten.  The top piece is up all the way around the room and we have a ledge!

I am linking this to the DIY Show Off! You can also link to her site by clicking the button in my sidebar!


Kate G. said...

Cute! Dumb question-- are those letters wooden? Can't wait to see the rest of your dining room!

Liz said...

That is super cute and looks fairly easy! LOVE!