Monday, February 21, 2011

4 Wheelers

I have mentioned before Adam and I bought Aidan a Power Wheel for Christmas.  He had previously had a small green 4 wheeler that a dear friend of mine purchased for his 1st birthday but we upgraded this year to the "big boy" as Adam likes to call it.  If I a "big boy" goes 2 to 5 miles per hour then call it what you want.   You have all met Aidan's best bud Ryland in prior posts.  When his dad and our good friend Mike, has him for the weekend I try my hardest to make sure the boys are able to get together.  Santa also gifted Ryland with a new four wheeler this year.  They have a great time out on Mike's land {the country house} riding through the trails together.   Here are some photos from one of their afternoon's riding.  It shocks me how brave they are on these things!

 Don't they almost look real?

Thanks Mike for always inviting us out! We have the best time with you guys! xoxo

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