Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Letters To Aidan


Once upon a time, Mommy promised to write to you on here so you would have little letters to read in years to come and I haven't been very good about it. I promise I will be better this year. 

Lately, I have been so sappy about you growing up.   I say to you all the time "sweetheart can you stop growing for mommy" and you always reply "no mommy, I has to grow big".  And you a right.  You do have to grow to be big.  I want nothing more for you to grow and flourish and change and to get to sit here and watch it all feels like such a gift to me.

There is just something about my first born never being a baby again.  Time really does fly by.  Before I know it, you will be off to your first real day of school and then your first day of college and then you will have your own family for us to watch grow. 

I just want you to know, I've loved every minute.  Every night you woke me up, every dirty diaper, all the little milestones right up until this point.  I even love it when you tell me you don't need me to help you with something.  And I will love every minute forever with you. 

No matter how many kids we bring in to this family, there will always be something special about you.  Our first born. The little man that made us parents.    You have taught us so much about life and love and adventure and now it's our turn to show you.  It's your turn to grow.  So we'll sit back and enjoy the ride with you just as long as you promise to slow down a little so we don't miss a thing.  

I love you,

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