Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Night

I have to tell the truth and say that after the red carpet I DVRed the Oscars to finish up painting my bathroom.  I jumped in bed with the intention of watching some of it and realized what a terrible show it was and just shut it off.  Is it safe to say James Franco and Anne Hathaway were a disaster?  Well all we care about anyways is what everyone wore...right?  Well I do. So here it is.  My Best and Worst list. 

April's Worst
{the list is long}

Helena Bonham Carter
Seriously? Not again. 
Dress: Colleen Atwood

Melissa Leo.
What a huge transformation from her Fighter character to this doily dress.
Dress: Marc Bouwer
Anne Hathaway
Rachel Zoe you did not.  I was waiting for a Bed, Bath and Beyond salesperson to pop up behind her with the matching toilet seat cover.  Doesn't think look like a window treatment?
Dress: Valentino

Nicole Kidman
I was SHOCKED when I saw this.  I was not shocked when I saw the embarrassment on Keith Urban's face in this picture. 
Dress: Christian Dior

Natalie Portman
No one will ever be able to say whether or not she was cute pregnant because every time she has the opportunity to show off her bump she doesn't.  
Dress: Rodarte

Sharon Stone
The feathers, the hair, is she looking for someone in this picture or trying to cover her eyes from the sun?
Dress: Christian Dior

Michelle Williams
A little bit better than the flower number.
Dress: Chanel

April's Best List
Jennifer Lawrence
The first person to arrive to the red carpet tonight and she rocked it! 
Dress: Calvin Klein

Amy Adams
I surprised myself when I put this on my "best" list.  I just love the blue and the sparkle.  Really I just love her. The dress is just ok.
Dress: L'Wren Scott

Celine Dion
She just had twins. Are you kidding me?  Her body is perfect. 
Dress: Armani

Jennifer Hudson
She looks so amazing. Good for her.  This color could not be more perfect with her skin tone.
Dress: Versace

Camille Alves
I think I am obsessed with this dress.  Maybe because it was the only dress I thought I might be able to pull off.  Not nearly as well as her and I would need new boobies but ALMOST.
Dress: Unknown

Sandra Bullock
I think this is a much prettier version of exactly what Anne Hathaway was trying to pull off tonight.  
Dress: Vera Wang

Reese Witherspoon
She is so so so pretty.  This dress is so simple but she makes it look so good.
Dress: Armani

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gorgeous. Gorgeous. I love her straight hair.
Dress: Calvin Klein

Mila Kunis
Love. Love. Love. Amaze balls. Bananas.  This is my all time favorite color and it looks insane on her.  If you get a chance, google her dress and see all the detailing.
Dress: Elie Saab

So there you have it folks! I can't wait to see what everyone else thought of last night's red carpet wear! 

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