Tuesday, September 29, 2009

World's Laziest Blogger

It seems like I am really behind on my blogging. Most likely from all of my training I was doing leading up to last weekend's triathalon. My training schedule went a little like this
Monday: Run
Tuesday: Swim
Wednesday: Run, Bike
Thursday: Swim
Friday: Break
Saturday:Run, Bike
Sunday: Swim
I have to say, I am glad it's over...for now. We resume training for next year in February. I am looking forward to getting to ease up a little bit on working out and enjoy the holiday season. I have a few 5ks I want to do coming up, hopefully I won't have to do too much running to prepare!!!
I do want to give a shout out to my mom...who won 3rd place in her age group!! She kicked butt and I am so proud of her!! She finished in 59 minutes and I was just a couple minutes behind her finishing in 1hr and 13 minutes. Thankfully, there are not too many pictures of me from the actual day, but I have a group shot and a few of my mom accepting her trophy.

If you look at this picture, on the far left in the pink swim cap is my mom, to her right is her friend Patty Beyer (swim cap in hand) and I am in between them. Don't look to hard, all you can see is my ponytail and I am okay with that!!!

This is my mom and one of our mentors Leslie.

This is my mom on when she won 3rd place in her age group. She promised the woman in first place next year she would be in her spot! We'll see!!!
She is too cute!!!
This is Alyse Kelly Jones, she is the founder of Tri It For Life (our training group). She is amazing and a huge inspiration. She is an OBGYN here in Charlotte.

A group shot of all the Tri It For Life girls.

This is a great picture. Betty on the right is 64. She is an amazing athlete. She could probably have kicked my butt. Instead, she volunteered to be our "ringer" on Sunday. She intentionally came in last place, so that no one else in our group would. Isn't that awesome? Love you Betty!

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Kate G. said...

Girl, you're allowed to be a lazy blogger! You're obviously not a lazy triathlete! Way to go. :)