Monday, September 14, 2009

Betty Bridesmaid has been busy!!

My best friend Candace is getting married this Saturday WOOP WOOP! Can't believe it is already here. I have been slaving away on the jars for her candy bar for the past two days and I am thrilled with the way they came out. She is getting married in South Carolina on Kiawah Island. It is a beautiful beach town. She is using fall colors but incorporating sea shells and starfish! It will be an amazing wedding. Here of some pictures of the finished jars (please excuse the light switches without a switch plate on them in the in progress there). All of these jars have lids for them, they are just at Can's house and not with me to be in the pics! They will all be filled with various candy's for people to scoop in to bags and take home with them. Tomorrow I will start the process of making 100 home made white chocolate seashell lollipops.

Wednesday all the bridesmaids are meeting at Polished nail bar here in Charlotte to get our Mani's and Pedi's done before we head to the beach. In lieu of everyone getting food poisoning from my cooking, I was asked to make the sign for the food table. Perfect for me. It says "Manicures, Pedicures, Bridesmaids Galore, These are the things we simply Adore."
It won't be laying on a butcher block island, I actually have a really cute silver easel.

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