Thursday, September 10, 2009

A List

My sweet blog friend, Kate at Barefoot Daydreams inspired me to write this blog "because sometimes all you have in you is a list"...

1. Ok seriously can people keep the politics off their status updates on Facebook? I just want to get online and stalk people I never talk to in real life.

2. Is there a disorder for people that ALWAYS forget to return phone calls? If so, I have it. BAD! Karen Bodel...I know I am 2 weeks late planning our play date.

3. My best friend Mariann and her boyfriend (ahem hopefully soon to be FIANCE) (no pressure Mike) just bought their first house in Massachusetts. It's 736 sq ft and precious. I am talking buttercup yellow with the perfect color blue shutters. I am envious. Can't wait to see it in October!!!

4. I am loving my job. I get to meet Kate Gosselin next week. Although, I am currently annoyed with her because she was supposed to sign books in the store and she backed out today. Nice. Confession-I will still watch her show.

5. Without fail, every time Adam has Aidan for the second half of the day, he naps in between the hours of 5 and 7 pm. Which means he is still up at 11pm. I try to get mad, but when Adam says things to me like "The kids still up, so I am going to set up the tent in the living room and we're going to camp" or "April, it's crazy to me how much I love Aidan, I am glad he's still up so I can cuddle with him." Greatest Dad ever. End of story.

6. I was so proud of myself that I motivated someone to get out and bike 12 miles with me last night. I am talking drug out of bed to bike half uphill in the muggy Carolina evening. She thanked me for it when we were done!

7. Being a recessionista isn't as exciting as it was when I decided I was going to become one. Trading in my Banana Republic wardrobe for Target tops just isn't doing it for me. Sooo, BR OUTLET you'll be seeing me soon. Also, the trash bags without the ties already attached should be taken off shelves. They may be $2 cheaper but they are not worth the money when you have to pick up trash on your driveway because the knot you made, failed.

8. Football season is here. Woop Woop. It's great isn't it? We are lucky enough to have 6 seats at the Panther's games. This weekend we are pulling dates out of a hat to see who gets which games this year. We are thinking about braving it and taking Aidan to a game. I mean after all someone besides the family needs to see all his adorable Panther gear!!!!

9. Adam has informed me that Lucky Charms no longer come in the big box. Is this true people???

10. I saw an advertisement for plastic surgery that can help with migraines the other day. I was hoping it was breast implants or liposuction. No such luck.

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