Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall TV

I know everyone is just so pumped that summer is over and fall TV is back (and everything is pumpkin flavored)!!! I may be in some trouble if people judged me on the shows that I watch. Here is our fall line up in the Harvey household.

Jon & Kate Plus 8
Rachel Zoe Project

Sons of Anarchy
The Hills
Flipping Out

Guliana & Bill

Grey's Anatomy
Real Housewives of Atlanta (do not watch this...I PROMISE it is not worth your time)

Aidan's Movie Night (he get's to pick) We watch a lot of the same movies over and over and over. He loves it though, so who cares.

Movie Night for US!

Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami
Big Love
Curb Your Enthusiasm
(All Things HBO)

I am sure you are laughing hysterically right now. Such trash TV right? Did I mention this summer we watched Kendra? By the way, if you don't watch Guliana and Bill, you should. They are super cute...I shouldn't tell you this BUT even Adam likes them!

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