Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Teething Nights

One of two things could be happening here.  Kellan is teething and can't seem to get comfortable at night OR he knows we think that's the deal and he's taking advantage and just wants to hang out past bed time. 
Seriously though, his teeth haven't been really bad at all.  Lucky us.  BUT, for whatever reason at bedtime, he gets a little flush and I can tell his teeth are hurting him.  Probably not any more or less than they do all day but he's exhausted and the pain is more noticeable for him.  Those or my thoughts on it.  Obviously he didn't tell me that. Ha!
I load him up on Orajel and he loves to cuddle with his Daddy until he falls asleep.
That's Adam's time. 

Basically the majority of the pictures I take of him these days are fuzzy because he is always on the move! 

Had to show you how much he is drooling! It's out of control. 

These are from just the other night.  He was exhausted but just could not get to sleep. 
He was pretty pitiful. 

Until Aidan came and got in bed and got him to smile! 

Anyone else have a baby who gets flush without a fever during teething?  Aidan never did that so I don't know what's up.

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