Friday, July 12, 2013

Jack the Cat

I know what you are all thinking "April, the crazy cat lady strikes again!".  Except this time it was a family effort! Long story short, we were on our way to Shelby to ride go carts (part of Aidan's birthday week) and when we got in to town, the highway split and as we were veering off to our exit, this little kitten ran right across the highway!

We all did the "Ohhhh the poor thing is going to get hit" but continued on our journey.  Sadly, we got to the go cart park? only to find out they were not open that day! Only in Shelby.  So we did what we always do when things don't go our way, we looked at real estate.  Once we were done doing that we headed back to Charlotte and sure enough when we returned to the same spot on the highway you could see this little guy sitting in the grass just off the road.  We collectively (that is important to remember for the future) decided we couldn't leave the sweet thing and I got out of the car to get him.  Except, he basically just jumped right in the car.  "I AM SAVED" he said.  Well that part didn't happen but you get the point. 

We honestly did not think we would be keeping him for ourselves.  We know enough animal lovers that we knew we could find him a home.  But Aidan fell in love with him on the 1.5 ride home and after a couple of days of being with us, we realized he fit in pretty well around here.

Meet Jack.  The newest Harvey.  I thought that story was going to short.

Car ride to his new home.

Scout is in love. 

He smiles for pictures.

Another one from his first ever car ride.

He was sleeping with Aidan every night but Scout put the kibosh
on that and now he sleeps with him in the laundry room.

No animal in this house is allowed on furniture.  Adam must really like this one.

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