Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aidan Says...

A few months ago (I'm way behind on blogging), Aidan spent the weekend with his best buddy Ryland at friends of ours house in Waxhaw. He was only supposed to spend Friday night but the boys passed out early after a day at the pool Saturday so our friends just offered to keep him for Saturday night as well and we let him stay. 

When they brought him back on Sunday morning he was so excited to see us.  He hugged us for so long, kissed his brother until he started to cry and ran around with Scout for ten minutes.  Shortly after getting home, he and Adam took off to get us all some lunch.  Adam came home and said that while they were driving Aidan said

" I hardly recognize Charlotte anymore." 
As if he had moved away for years.

When they came home we sat on the sofa and ate our sandwiches around the coffee table.  We all started to laugh about something and when we stopped, the room was silent and Aidan lets out a huge sigh and says

"I really missed these days."

He was gone for two nights people!

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