Friday, July 19, 2013

July 4 Part One

We had quite the Fourth of July week around here.
We started the week out the Saturday before at our friends Mike and Chelsea's. 
Adam stopped and picked up some fireworks on the ride out to their house and when we arrived Chelsea grilled us some great chicken and steak kabobs.  After dinner we loaded up in the trailer hooked to the back of the four wheeler and high tailed (you know like 5MPH) it through the corn fields to set those bad boys off.
Best buds and excited. 

No idea what he is about to experience and just happy to be eating.

Snuck a picture of them holding hands.  They really are such good buds they don't even think twice about it, it's just second nature.

The fireworks really were awful.  They are illegal in NC and the legal ones they allow us to buy are just loud.  They were perfect to do with kids around. 

This is about as big as they got. 

Kellan and I hid under the dear stand so his little ears wouldn't hurt and I was nervous he would be scared.  I covered him up so he looked like Mary and he all but fell asleep on me while everyone else was setting things on fire. 
Ride back to the house, holding hands again.  I told you!

This is tired Kellan and Daddy.  They are in love. 
Aidan spent the night with Ryland and we headed back in to the city so this kiddo could get a good night's sleep.  He passed out on our bed before I could even finish putting his sleep sack on him.  We were so tempted to let him sleep with us.

I took total advantage of him being out cold and held him like this for an hour before I put him in his crib.  These are the best moments.  Adam was so jealous.

Every time we go out to Waxhaw we have the best time.  Fourth of July is my favorite holiday of the year so I try to squeeze in as many events as possible.  There was no better way to kick off the week! 

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