Friday, February 19, 2010

Keeping It Real...

So, I read this great blog. {RAGE against the MINIVAN}. It's written by an OC mom and she has four kids. One of which just came home from Haiti. Honestly, I love her blog because she well, keeps it real. So I decided I would participate in her first ever blog hop. Well I think it's the first ever anyways. She is encouraging us to keep it real. Which leads me to my post that I would never have shared with you otherwise. It was embarrassing enough the first time.

Two days ago, Aidan and I were at our home away from home (TJ Maxx where else) and we had just finished lunch. It's not really a secret that I'm addicted to Diet Pepsi and I had just finished a huge one. I had to use the ladies room sooooooo bad. We weren't in our neighborhood TJ Maxx so I stopped a saleswoman to ask her where the restroom was. "We don't have a public restroom but if you walk all the way to the corner of the Men's department there is a door that says EMPLOYEES ONLY, you can walk through there and it's the third door on the right". I thanked her and took off (legs crossed).

Mission accomplished we left the bathroom and headed back to our shopping cart that we left outside the door. When we got out there I was surprised at how many men (and there friends, brothers and uncles ) were shopping. The nice woman that directed us to the bathroom walked up and asked if I had found it. Before I could even get a word out Aidan screamed "Mom pooped". I am pretty sure every person in the store stopped to look up at me.

I thought about explaining that Aidan is being potty trained and he thinks everything is pooping and that was not actually what had occurred but then I thought "If I were these people I would consider that the world's worst cover up". So, I just tried to shake off my BODY BLUSH and continue my shopping (as the poop girl).

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