Monday, February 8, 2010

Geaux Saints!!!!

I am so excited for the New Orleans Saints!!! It was a great game and I think the perfect team won! And how about Drew Brees at the end holding his son??? I was bawling. I guess it's a mom thing, but then again I did see a few tears in Adam's eyes. Waaaa? Did I say that out loud?

We had a really nice party again this year. I think this is our third annual Super Bowl Party. Yup. In the past, we have always done wings as our main dish but this year we did mini burgers (sorry I hate calling them "sliders") and I made pigs in a blanket ( a staple football party item in the south), a veggie platter, shrimp cocktail, a cheese ball, and I usually make a 7 layer Mexican dip but I opted to try just doing Velveeta and Rotel in the crock pot and it was a huge hit, and we ordered turkey roll up sandwiches from Costco and I think everyone was really happy. It was a success!!! I swore all day I was going to actually take pictures of our friends tonight to post on here and surprise, surprise I was too busy being the hostess with the mostest to even get the camera out!!!

Valentine's Day is a week from today. I need some good ideas for my hubby if anyone has some. We always say we aren't going to make a big deal out of the holiday but if anyone knows Adam, he goes all out for everything. Aidan's class is having a Valentine's day party on Thursday. We get to go to school with him and decorate a shoe box for him to put his Valentine's in. I came up with a cute idea for his Valentine's. I bought Teddy Grahams and Valentine's Day themed cellophane bags. I am going to put the Teddy Grahams in the bags and tie them off with a ribbon and a tag that says "A Bag Full of Bear Hugs, Happy Valentine's Day, Love, Aidan." I also bought little heart shaped rings to attach to the ribbon. I think they will be cute and appropriate for two year olds. What's everyone doing for the holiday???

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! xoxoxo

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Kate G. said...

A) I laughed out loud when you busted Adam for tearing up.

B) Yes, Drew Breese and his son was pretty much the cutest thing.

C) I feel like I need to make pigs in a blanket today...