Monday, February 22, 2010

Keepin' It Southern

We have a saying around here..."Keepin' it Southern". Used in a sentence..."Hey man, love your bow tie, way to Keep it Southern". OR "What's up for tonight guys?"..."Just smoking some Boston Butts in the backyard and throwing back a few cold ones, you know, Keepin' It Southern." You could say, we are stereo typing ourselves. Get it? Got it? Good. On to my story...

My youngest brother Jordan is a Soph a Clemson and is dating the sweetest girl from Seneca, SC. Basically Clemson. Her dad trains law enforcement officer's how to properly use Glock's. Yes, the gun.

So, we had my dad's birthday dinner ( his bday letter) Saturday night and Jordan and Hannah were in town. Over dinner we were talking about some of Jordan's classes he has taken since being at school. One of which was rifle-ry . So, my dad says to Hannah "Hannah, do you know how to shoot a rifle" and she responds (serious as a heart attack) "Oh no Sir, I wouldn't know what to do with a rifle, I can only shoot a Glock". Hannah, way to Keep it Southern Sister.

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