Tuesday, March 26, 2013

T Ball

A few weeks ago I asked Aidan if he would like to play TBall. "TBall? Sure!" he said. We were late for Spring registration but I emailed the commissioner and he was able to get our guy on a team.

Adam grew up playing baseball. I'm not sure who is more excited about the season. He or Aidan.

We stopped in to the sporting goods store in our neighborhood and I stood back as the two of them picked out cleats-the black shiny ones just like Daddy's; a tball bat-blue because it's Aidan's favorite color (today) A few extra pairs of baseball pants-to practice in.  Two gloves.  One for our future MLB player and a new one for Daddy to practice with him. 

For a moment I was envious of their bond over the sport. I wished Aidan would hang on to every word that came out of my mouth like he does his Dads.  Then I thought, I have my time.  I get to be the first person to hear about his school day and  kiss boo boos when Daddy is at work.  This will be their thing and I could never blame them for enjoying the time together so much.  I hope when Aidan is grown he realizes how lucky he is/was to have a father so invested in him. 

The first practice was last Thursday night. It was unseasonably cold here in Charlotte.  Aidan woke up at 6am so anxious.  "What do I wear?" "Is Daddy going to stay with me?" "How much longer until practice?".   I had to break the news he had the entire day to go until practice at 6.  But when the time came, it definitely showed that Adam had been working with him. He caught every thing that came his way and hit the ball off the tee time after time.  Adam was gleaming with pride from the sidelines.  Kellan and I watched from the car. 

We've had a few rainy days and cancelled practices in between then and tonight's practice but the excitement has done nothing less than escalate.   Who knows this could be the start of a true love for the game. 

Leaving for his very first practice. 

Meeting his teammates and coaches for the first time. 
 They broke them up in to groups.  Aidan's group hit off the tee first.

They don't even keep score in his league.  But if they did...the other teams would be in trouble. ; )
 I found myself saying things to him like "keep your eye on the ball Aid".  I may be a baseball Mom after all.
 Throwing the ball with his teammates.

Kellan and I attempted to stand out in the cold but it was unbearable.  Especially in the shade.  

The Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are all chomping at the bit for the first game of the season to roll around so they can cheer Aidan on from the bleachers.  I think we have a fun couple of months  singing our own renditions of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" and eating peanuts at the ball field ahead of us.
Batter UP! 

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Mandi said...

Adam is an Old Pro at Ball! I can remember when he would ask the parents "Ball today"? Adam and Aidan are a great team and I can't wait to see a game! From your pictures Aidan all ready looks like a Pro!!