Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sick Again

Poor Aidan.  I think he's reached the point in his short little life where he knows a nebulizer is going to be a big part of his childhood.  Every time this sweetheart catches a cold, it's pneumonia in days time.  My mother in law had bad bronchial issues as a child and so we can blame her.  Thanks Kathy.  JK!


I took him to the Dr. last week and he had double ear infections (had never said anything about his ears hurting) pink eye in both eyes and a cold that sounded bad enough we skipped the xray and just immediately started treating for pneumonia.  

It's amazing what a few doses of antibiotics (two different kinds) and that nebulizer will do for this kid.  He's back to himself.  We had a date to Target he and I the other day and he asked if we could get Icee's and a bag of popcorn "like the days old good" (good ole days). 

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