Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby Wearing-Moby Wrap

I just did a post at the beginning of the week on baby items I can't live without.  On the list was my beloved Moby Wrap.  I never had one with Aidan but bought one to use for Kellan a week after he was born.  I've never loved a baby product more.  I use the Wrapping Folded method.

I have to admit when I used to see these things I was not in to them.  I thought I loved my Baby Bjorn.  And I do BUT this is like second skin.  Kellan loves to sleep in it.  We love the Newborn Hug Hold.  

Since we have an extremely colicky baby, he has to be held a lot.  That makes it difficult to get things done around the house.  Since owning this, I can get all my stuff done and I can't complain about getting to "hold" the baby without actually holding him. 

I keep it on me at all times.  When we go to my parents, he's in it.  If we visit friends, he's in it.  If we take a walk over to the playground during his fussy time, he's in it.  The nice thing is, it puts Kellan to sleep instantly.  He pulls his little legs up underneath himself (think frog position) and starts snoozing.  He has taken his longest naps in the Moby Wrap. 

Just this week I have started to experiment with the Hug Hold since Kellan is stretching his legs a little more.   I am anxious to try that and some of the other ways to wear him.  Adam loves to wear him in the Baby Bjorn but I am hoping to convert him as well.   I would love one in a lighter color to wear this summer. 

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Such lovely pictures!

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