Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Items I Can't Live Without

I feel like preggos are always asking me what I can't live without once the baby comes.  Here's my short list...

Solid Onesies and Pants
I try to keep my boys wardrobes simple. Nothing with big labels on them or with themes.  I love my baby in a plain ole' white onesie.  Carter's sells them, the Baby Gap has nice ones as well and if you have an H&M near you, I have grown to love their kimono style onesies. They are so soft! If your a southern gal like myself and want to spice up a solid onesie, you can have them monogrammed.  I pair them with naked legs, pants like these striped ones also available at the Baby Gap or these pants from American Apparel.  And even though they are a little pricey I have found the cutest pants and leg warmers on the Layla Grace website. Leg warmers on a baby with rolls...adorable!
Baby Sleep Gowns

I really like gowns for sleeping at night.  Mostly for the easy accessibility for diaper changes in the wee hours of the morning.  Having to deal with one million snaps is not fun when you are half asleep.  I had some nice ones left over from when Aidan was a baby and I love to see Kellan in his old stuff.   I discovered these Magnificent Baby Sleep Gowns with MAGNETS!! at buybuyBaby. (Well really my girlfriend Melissa did.)  We have three of them and I am constantly washing them because I'm afraid the night will come where one is dirty and I have to put something else on Kellan!
If you don't have a buybuyBaby near you, you can shop on their website or locate a store where they can be purchased.  


Baby swings are quite possibly the most unattractive piece of baby gear out there but you have to have one.  We have the Fisher Price Snugabunny Cradle and Swing.  Aidan slept in his swing the majority of the first three months of his life.  When shopping for a swing just make sure you buy one that can be plugged in! We had a nice hand me down swing with Aidan but it was only battery operated and that was such a disaster!  When you are literally keeping a baby asleep by swinging side to side, when those batteries start to die at 3am, you and your husband look like fools trying to replace them before the baby wakes up.   I like this swing for the option to swing side to side or front to back, it has two seat positions making it a cradle and then a seat.  It plays nature sounds and music.  Be for warned those few days post pregnancy when you have no control over your bladder, you should skip the waterfall sounds and go with Twinkle Twinkle.
Diaper Caddy

 We have one of these Sabrina Diaper Caddy's from Pottery Barn Kids and I love it.  I pack it full of diapers, wipes, ointments, burp cloths and other little necessities and carry it with me when we move from room to room in our house.  Our house is really small so it's not a pain to change Kellan on the changing table but for a quick change in our room in the middle of the night it's really convenient.  It is also perfect for when you have a sitter.  If they aren't yet familiar with where you keep all of your diaper supplies, this puts them all in one place to make their lives easier.  I made one up for my parents house as well because we spend a lot of time over there.
Sabrina Diaper Caddy & Scallop Caddy Liner

Breast Pump

I have the Medela Pump in Style Advanced.  I bought it when I was pregnant with Aidan and it still works like a champ 6 years later!  When you are breastfeeding you can sometimes feel tied down to your pump in addition to your baby so it's a good plan to spend the money on one.  Word on the street is some insurance companies are fully reimbursing for breast pumps now! Check that out.

Avent Natural Bottles
I have been an Avent girl since Aidan was a baby.  I didn't do any research on bottles I just registered for some and used them. When I became pregnant with Kellan I did some reading on a bottle that would be a good choice for a primarily breastfed baby.  I wanted to keep the chances of nipple confusion low.   It was a toss up between the Tommee Tippee and these Avent Naturals.  Since I already had accessories for my breast pump etc for Avent products I went with them (I have a girlfriend breastfeeding and she uses Tommee Tippees and likes them also FYI).  They sat in the nursery closet for over a month and I wondered if we would ever get to test out all the great things I had heard about them.  Then Kellan hit a growth spurt and Adam wanted to do some feeding so I pumped in to them and we have LOVED them.  We are supplementing with a little bit of formula because of his stomach issues and they have worked out so well.  It  may very well be my treating a bottle feeding just like a breastfeeding session -switching him from side to side and holding him really close- but so far, he jumps right back on the breast with no issue at all!

 Swaddling Blankets

I hope I don't burst any bubbles here but I jumped on the Aden and Anais bandwagon with this baby and I must be missing something because I cannot figure out how people get a good swaddle with these blankets. I am a pretty great swaddler (I like to think) and while they do feel amazing, they have no chance against a squirmy baby.  Maybe it's the muslin is too thin but every time Kellan falls asleep, if he gets the least bit antsy, he wiggles it loose and he's awake!  We have always loved the flannel blankets they use in the hospital so we asked for a few of those and we put those over the Aden and Anais.  I also love the cotton blankets Carter's sells.  We have also spent too much money on two or three great Organic, jersey type of swaddling blankets on Etsy.
Moby Wrap
A week in to Kellan being here, I could tell he was going to be the type of baby that wanted to be held.  ALL.THE.TIME.  I ran out and bought a Moby Wrap.   I came straight home and put it on.  It's a ton of fabric but now that I have it down pat, I can have it on in a minute or less.  Kellan loves it.  He actually gets excited when he knows I am getting ready to put him in it!  He is colicky and research shows the more you hold your baby, the less colicky they will be.  I don't know if it's just coincidence or that's true but if I wear him in this a lot of the day, he is so much better at night!  We are just now exploring the other ways to wear it and I am so glad I bought one.  I'm a baby wearing Mom for sure!

That's my list! Obviously in addition to needing the basics like a carseat and stroller.  I would love to hear what other Moms can't live without!

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