Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2 Months Old! (Picture OVERLOAD)

Kel, Your two months old baby!  Yes, Yes the time is flying by.  Every single day of the last two months I literally could have burst I'm so in love with you. I try so hard to keep up with my chores around the house but I have to tell you, as much as I hate an unmade bed, I hate it a million times more to let a minute of the day go by when I'm not holding you.  I promised myself I wouldn't take for granted being able to stay home with you and I haven't. Not one bit.
Hey Handsome! 

You have grown to love sleeping like this on Daddy.
You are sleeping through the night already.  I wasn't prepared for that but at about two weeks old, you were over middle of the night feedings.  You sleep from 10:30-6am.  I feed you then and you go back to sleep until I wake you up around 8:30 to take Aidan to school!


We FINALLY had your appointment with the pediatric surgeon.  The anxiety leading up to the appointment was killing me.  The words surgery, painful, long recovery and the thought of a future of other issues were clouding my brain leading up to your appointment.  So many people called to let us know you they were thinking and praying for you and God must have heard them because we were able to fix you up with a small procedure and all should be well from here on out. 

Nap time.

We do this all day.
You just started wearing your 3-6 months clothes.  It's still kind of big on you but your 0-3 months things are a little tight.  You are growing like a weed so I'm sure you'll be filling them out soon enough.  I get so excited when you wear something that was Aidan's.  We rush to open up his baby photo book to find him wearing the same outfit.


Side Eye. Uh oh! 

We all think it is so funny when you get in your swing, you are a little nervous of the mobile at the top so you pull your blanket right up under your chin and hold on for dear life.  You must have liked it because now anytime you get tired, we give you a swaddling blanket and you rub it on your face. So sweet. 

It looks like we may have a ginger on our hands.  My natural hair color is red and it looks like you may be a red head yourself.  I can't tell you how excited that makes me! And the mohawk. Your brother had one too.  


At your 2 month appointment these were your stats:
11lbs 14oz
24 inches
Your got 6 immunizations. 1 Oral and 5 SHOTS. Oh it was awful. For me. You were like "waaaah" for all of 3 seconds and then over it.  Your big brother held your hand.  You hit the big brother jackpot.  He takes his job VERY seriously.


I like to call this "2 Months Old, Birthday Suit Edition"

Birthday Suit Part 2

Grandpa is calling you Deuce.  I like it. Your brother's nickname is Hap.  Short for Happy.  So these days you guys are Deuce and Hap. 
Daddy came up with every excuse in the book the other night so you and he could stay just like this and not come to bed.  He only woke up every few minutes to kiss your head.

You really are a Mama's boy.  I HATE IT! said no Mom ever. 
Love you baby.

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Andrea Kelly said...

He is one cute baby, love all the pictures!!