Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Weather is Gorgeous

We had absolutely no winter this year.  I personally was a little bummed.  I look forward to fire's in the fireplace and any excuse for my husband to have to keep me warm.  Shall I even bother mentioning how thrilling it would be to get the chance to play in some snow with Aidan?  Luckily I found other excuses to snuggle up with Adam but that snow thing was FAR from happening.  And now Spring is here. 

We have spent the past few weekends planting new flowers and soaking up the sunshine.  On Monday my girlfriend Amanda had the day off so we got in some time at the mall and then an afternoon sunbathing on our FRONT lawn.  We had anticipated laying out in the back yard but it was just too shady!

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Amanda said...

I freaking love this kid :)