Monday, January 23, 2012

Monster Truck Rally

Since Adam is working so much, Aidan and I are pretty much on our own these days.  I have been trying to fill our time together with fun stuff to do.  This weekend last minute I decided we would go to the Monster Truck Rally that was in town at the Arena.

I purchased some inexpensive seats in the upper level (that ended up being front row and PERFECT), a couple pairs of ear plugs upon recommendation of everyone I spoke to and we were set! We definitely stuck out like sore thumbs. Aidan in his button down and sweater and I with my trouser jeans and Louis Vuitton bag. Somewhere in the fine print we missed the "wear camo anything" bit. We tried to blend a little better by purchasing all the Grave Digger paraphernalia we could get our hands on during intermission.

It was definitely an experience. One that was on my list of things I never wanted to do should do once. Aidan and I were both a little out of our element at first but they started speaking our language via four wheel racing and there was no turning back. We may have even cheered Grave Digger on until our throats hurt.

 Ready for Date Night!
A little dark.
 This was the "Cool Bus".
 Ready to race!
I thought Aidan was going to witness his first death when this happened but apparently rolling over in your monster truck "ain't no thing". 
 Maybe I should have tucked his collar in??

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Bekah @ Love is Pink said...

Haha thats too funny that yall were dressed all cute (I would've done the same thing and not even thought about it). And Aidan in his Grave Digger shirt is to die for, precious!