Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello, Blog World

I think I'm getting the award for WORLD'S WORST BLOGGER these days.  I have perfectly good reasons though. 

The first being the Holidays.  They were happening so fast and I was getting so caught up in posting pictures of what my house looked like decorated that I wasn't just enjoying my house and my boys and the holidays so I deleted the photos off of my camera and took pics of Aidan staring up at our tree and all the lights Adam put on the house!  It made Christmas so much more fun!  But just for good measure here are two snap shots of our big tree and the tree in Aidan's playroom...

Reason number 2.  We've been doing lots of work around here.  We have redone our bathroom and we finally bought a new sofa.  It has yet to be delivered but any day now I expect to be sitting on it!  We went with the Pottery Barn Comfort Roll Grand Sofa in the Washed Linen/Cotton fabric in Camel.  That's a lot isn't it?  The fabric was actually being discontinued so we were limited to picking from sofa's that were one of their Quick Ship items.  That really wasn't hard to do because the sectional Adam wanted was the same sofa.  We just didn't get the sectional.  This is the sofa: (the color is about 5 shades lighter in real life).

And lastly, we surprised Aidan and took him to Disney World for New Years.  It was not only Aidan's first time but Adam's as well!!! We got back last night and we had the best time!  We are thinking 2012 is the year the Harvey family will grow to four so (have I said that before or what?) we were happy to get this trip in with Aidan before adding anyone else to our family.  I have tons of pictures/videos/Disney advice for you all so be looking for those posts!!

Thanks to all of you that still read! Haha! I promise to be better!

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Monica said...

I cannot wait for the Harvey family grow to a family of four or should I say five with Scout of course!!!