Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I seriously wonder about myself.  Does that surprise you?  A few weeks ago I got the idea in my head I was over our sectional and it had to go immediately.  I listed it on Craig's List and the response killed the battery on my phone in hours.  Needless to say, a nice, newlywed couple building a new house in the surrounding area are the happy new owners of that sectional. 

I am the proud new owner of an empty living room!  What was I thinking selling my sofa before having a new one! We have the sofa/daybed in the playroom but the three of us don't really fit on there comfortably so for the time being we are doing all of our lounging on our bed in our master bedroom.

I thought I had my mind all made up about which sofa I wanted to go with.  Then I spent some time shopping and now I am torn...I would love to see what you all think about my selections. 

My Choices
**All these sofas are in the Washed Linen/Cotton in Caramel** 

The Windsor Grand Sofa 
Windsor Slipcovered Grand Sofa, Down-Blend Wrap Box Cushions, Washed Linen/Cotton Caramel

My Favorite-The Carlisle Slipcovered Sofa
{Slipcovers appeal to me with kids in the house}
This sofa also comes in Apartment Size. I would consider buying two of them in that size and putting them across from eachother.
Carlisle Sofa, Down-Blend Wrap Cushions, Washed Linen/Cotton Caramel

Adam's Picks
The Solano Grand Sofa
{He likes the idea of one cushion}
Solano Slipcovered Grand Sofa, Down-Blend Wrap Box Cushions, Washed Linen/Cotton Caramel

PB Comfort Square Slipcovered Sectional
I am trying to get away from a sectional but this is a much smaller sectional than what we had. It is actually
pretty deep and extremely comfortable.  
PB Comfort Square Left 3-Piece Corner Sectional, Polyester Wrap Cushions, Washed Linen/Cotton Caramel

We shop at Pottery Barn because we have bought things from there before and have been very happy with the quality for the price.   We aren't against buying something from somewhere else I just haven't seen anything I like as much.  I am open to suggestions if anyone has any.  I want to be in love with the new sofa because I am probably going to have to live for it for awhile!  Whatever I decided, it needs to be soon. I would like to have something before Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

have you looked at ballard design?

Anonymous said...

What did you decide to go with? I am currently choosing between purchasing two Carlisle couches or one Grand Solano and a chair or two. As you can imagine, I like the Carlisle for its design and my hubby likes the Solano for its comfort. We also looked at the PB Comfort Sectional, but after sitting on the Solano I decided it was more comfortable (save for perhaps that one corner seat in the Section) and 100 times more stylish.