Thursday, September 15, 2011

I cut my hair...

I cut and colored my hair!  It's been a while (maybe a month) so it has grown a little bit but it was time for a serious trim!  Like 6" needed to go.  I am embarrassed cracking up that I even had this many cell phone bathroom photos to show you. 

Long Hair

Shorter Hair (More Layers)
{Can we assume that Hand on Hip is my signature bathroom photo move}

Even though my hair was just barely longer than it is now, it was so much easier to work with. 
But I love how healthy my hair feels now and the color.  My red was started to really show through.  Yup! I'm a natural red head! Crazy huh?

If you live in Charlotte and need someone amaze balls to do your hair, I have been going to the same girl for over 10 years.  Her name is Andrea and she works at Fuze Salon.  Tell her I sent you!

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Brooke Hall said...

Looks great darker! Love!