Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Not Schedule-Part 2-The Newborn Days

Like I said in my previous post, we did/do what works for us.  I know this would drive a lot of mom's nuts.  It drives my Mom nuts all day, everyday.  I'm organized and love a good play by play day but sometimes that just doesn't work.  

So this is kind of what our lives looked like during Aidan's first year of life....

When Aidan was a newborn we took him everywhere. And by everywhere I mean we spent time at my parents or a friends for dinner and maybe the mall. Don't start thinking we had a baby in a bar. He was nursing so feedings could be done anywhere and he slept like a champ anywhere. There was no real feeding schedule. If he wanted the boob, he got it.  
I was really lucky Adam was home everyday with us because he was working as a chef at the time and worked nights. We would all get up and spend the whole day together. And he really helped. He's an abnormally amazing husband. He does everything because he wants to and loves to without ever being asked. He would leave for work around 4. I would almost always go to my parents for dinner. They live just 7 blocks away. I would pack a bag, Aidan would get his bath in my parents sink {or ours if it was the weekend or Adam had a night off} my Dad took him for a walk every night in his stroller. I was never really invited. That was their time. {They still do it, now they just walk}. We would come home, I would get comfortable, cook something for Adam/heat up leftovers from dinner at my parents for when he got home {Aidan in Bjorn or bouncy seat}, climb in to bed and let Aidan sleep on me or on Adam's side of the bed until Adam came home. Then Adam would snuggle him for a bit, he would maybe eat and then go to his crib for the night. Do it all over again the next day.

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