Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Getting Better

I am almost scared to jinx it by writing this post and with my luck that's exactly what will happen but when I left the house for work this morning, as I climbed over mountains of laundry, a few dishes in the sink and my boys still tucked in my bed, I felt like things were getting a little bit better.  Leaving didn't hurt AS BAD.

I'm worried less about my house being a mess all the time.  Spending time with Aidan after work trumps getting the laundry all done in a day.  Getting in to bed with Adam at the same time at night is far more important than keeping up with the blog (sorry but it is).  I'm trying not to feel like I need to scream because I washed Aidan's sheets two nights ago and haven't put them back on his bed yet, so he's been sleeping on the daybed in the playroom.  I even cooked once already this week.  If your my friend on Facebook, you all know how that turned out! =) Still it was HUGE for me.

I still miss my days at home like crazy but I'm getting used to this work thing.  When I sit and get bent out of shape about all the things I'm NOT doing, I have to stop and remind myself of all the things I AM doing.  I can honestly say being on both sides of the fence, being a working mom is so much harder for me than being a SAHM.  I know it's just an opinion and I am not taking anything away from SAHM ( I was one, loved it and know how much work it is ) but working 40 hours a week and then walking in the door at 5:30 to hit the ground running straight in to Mommy/Wife mode is like having two full time jobs.

 It's TWO full time jobs.  And it's hard.   But it's getting better. 

Tomorrow I'll be back to posting about Aidan's schedule's.  I know it's entertaining!  We are one person away from 100 followers! 

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Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

I am a SAHM and I can't imagine the challenges of working 40hrs a week then going home to 'work' more!

I hope it continues to go well!