Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Bedding

I remember my Nana telling me when I was growing up that she loved her bed.  She would lay in it all day if that were acceptable.  Ha!  I never got it until I woke up one day realizing I too LOVE MY BED.  My bed has been dubbed many things.  The list includes the $10,000 bed, the marshmallow bed, the best bed EVER and Adam wakes up almost every morning saying "I love our bed".  The mattress was my parents for a brief time before they switched to a California king.  They bought my bedroom set for me when I was in eighth grade.  It's still beautiful.  Solid cherry and the color is only getting better. My mom really is who I have to thank for this great comfort.  She bought me my first feather bed on sale at Metro on Morehead and my first down comforter from The Company Store and she bought me my favorite Celeste sheet set from Sferra.

When I moved out I took the set with me and although we are now sleeping on the Stratton Bed from Pottery Barn with our DIY custom upholstered headboard our mattress is the same and we are still struggling to get up every morning.  As silly as it may sound, I strive to keep our bed as appealing as possible.  I try to switch out our bedding every six months but when I purchased the Matine Toile bedding from Pottery Barn
two years ago, I fell in love and we have stuck with it.  After a few washes the linen/cotton fabric really softened up and we love the duvet!  Those of you that know me, know that sticking with something for this long is a record for me! It was time for some new bedding! 

I try to stick with what I know is good {and affordable} so after much deliberation, I chose once again, to buy from Pottery Barn {I know, such a snore}.   I try to stay traditional in our bedroom and I couldn't get this pattern out of my head.   PLUS to my delight, everything in bedding was on sale!  This time around I opted to just buy the duvet, a quilt and three euro shams.  Still debating on new sheets but I love these ruffle sheets.

This is the beginning of a little bedroom make over I am working on.  When the stuff comes in, I'll take some pictures and post them!

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