Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Room Sharing

We could live here until the next baby (if there is one?) BUT we only have one bathroom and there isn't a ton of entertaining space.  I would love to start to be able to have Aidan's friends over or host a dinner party where all the guests can eat in one area!

There are really slim pickings as far as real estate here in Charlotte so we may be waiting longer than expected for the next Casa de Harvey but that's OK.  We look at houses everyday. 

So I've been daydreaming about a new house to love and to decorate.  Which brings me to the question.  Are my boys to far apart in age to share a room? We want at least four bedrooms so there would be no problem giving them their own rooms but something about me loves the idea of them sharing the same space.  While they are still young anyways.  Once Aidan went to middle school which will be right around when Kellan starts elementary school, he could move to his own room.  Then their is the option that baby #3 will also be a boy and could share a room with Kel and Aidan could have his own room since he is much older. 

Adam seems to think the solution to the problem would be to just give each boy their own room and have one of them with a set of twin beds.  He says that's what I like about the shared room idea.  He might be right.  But he also remembers just like I do how much fun it is to have a sibling crawl in to your bed at night.  Laughing under the sheets while your parents yell from another room for you to get some sleep.  Those are great memories I have carried with me!

So what do you think?

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