Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Lately it seems such terrible things have been happening to people in our country.  School shootings, bombings and these awful natural disasters.  

I have to pull myself away from the TV because you can get so wrapped up in the tragedy to the point its unhealthy.  I pray and always make it a point to look for a way to help instead.  

But tonight I just could not get myself away from the TV.  When I first saw on Twitter that those children were trapped in that school, all I could think about was my Aidan and how close he is to their age.  How awful it must have been for them when that storm hit.  To be away from their families that keep them safe.  I flipped from channel to channel.  Adam and I were on the edge of our sofa aching for good news to come from this disaster.  

We knew it was looking grim.  We happened to flip to the Weather Channel just as the reporter was breaking down after relaying the rescue mission had turned in to a recovery.  Adam put his head in his hands and my eyes filled with tears.  Those parents worst nightmare.  Every parents worst nightmare. 

Then as if it wasn't bad enough that they had to go through a Tornado, the poor babies drowned! They drowned!  As a parent I just could not imagine getting that news. It makes me sick to even think about. You send your little ones out the door in the morning and there is no guarantee they will ever come back.  It's terrifying to think about.  Life is fleeting.  My heart sincerely goes out to all of those families.  

I've double checked and triple checked on my boys in their beds tonight and I've kissed them more times than I would like to count.  I hope all of you are feeling as blessed for your children's lives tonight as I am and saying an extra prayer for those poor people in Oklahoma.  

God Bless them.  

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