Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

I truly look forward to Fall because it's the start of a season full of our family traditions.  
As much time as Adam spends rolling his eyes at me while lugging pumpkins in the seventy degree heat, uphill...he looks forward to it every year as well.  
We've been taking Aidan to pick pumpkins at the same farm in Mooresville for 8 years and I feel like we have it down to a science now.  
I can remember walking through the patch in years past and wondering if the next year we would have a new baby with us.  And now it's been two years since Kellan has joined us and my heart still wants to jump out of my chest when I see the two of them picking pumpkins together.  Adam doesn't mind one bit he has more to carry.  
Aidan has been really under the weather this weekend but after being rained out last weekend, he had been dying to go this weekend.  So when he rolled out of bed with a slight fever and a bit of a cough, I just figured we could always turn the car around if we got there and he wasn't up for it.  A little fresh air is just what he needed. 


Aidan-yrs 0-7

Kellan-yrs 0-1

Happy Fall Y'all! from The Harvey's! 

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