Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Aidan Turned 9!

Gosh it's been so long since I've even been to this blog. Just typing that out makes me realize how much I miss writing.  But life happens and some things take a back seat.  I'm recording less but feel like I'm present for more.  I'm less concerned about great photos for the blog and more concerned with engraving memories in my mind.  I'm glad I have this place to always come if I want.  
I used to write letters to Aidan here on his birthday or for big milestones but I was laying in bed tonight thinking that his ninth birthday had come and gone and although I have probably spoken plenty of words of love to him, I love the sentiment of something being in stone for him to read if he ever wants to.  So here it goes...

To My First Born (around the time of ) on his 9th Birthday,
Aidan...I really am in awe of you most of the time.  You spent the first 5 1/2 years of your life an only child and I don't know if there has ever been a child that transitioned in to big brother more gracefully than you.  Daddy and I have always known you were an amazing boy but it's through your relationship with Kellan we really get to see the depths of your heart.  It's bottomless and we are all blessed to get to be loved by you.  You always think of others before yourself and you are constantly wanting to do for others.  It's inspiring. 
You are so smart. A sponge.  You find something you are interested in and dive in and you can recite information for hours on end.  Sometimes we act bored with it, but truthfully we just can't keep up with you.  You far outsmart us.
You are creative.  I think you get that from me.  But maybe Daddy too. Ha. You love your Legos and I live to pass by your room to see you creating something out of your own imagination.  It's amazes me the places your mind goes and the things you think up.  It doesn't stop with Legos...anything you put your mind to...you find a way to create and we love it. 
Your other family and friends and teachers all love you as we do.  They see what we see and we feel so lucky you are ours.   Your biggest fan is your baby brother Kellan though.  He opens his eyes every morning and I am sure before he even realizes where he is, he calls out to you.  My hope is that you two will always be as close as you are now.  I know you will always lead him in the right direction and love him unconditionally. 
You are getting ready to become a big brother for the second time.  As a matter of fact as I type this, your new sister is kicking away in my belly and I can't wait for you to meet each other.  As crazy as it may sound,  a big part of the decision to have another baby was because we know how amazing of a big brother you are and will continue to be.  Daddy and I feel like we have such a strong teammate in you when bringing another sibling in to the world.  We know we can count on you to love them and care for them like you do for Kellan and we will always be so grateful to you for making these experiences that much more enjoyable for all of us.  We know you will guide Kellan lovingly through the process of not being the baby any longer but being someone worth looking up to.  
You are one of a kind Aidan.  Grandpa sometimes calls me and says "Hap, is just such a truly great kid" and if you don't know by now, that means a lot.  But it doesn't surprise me because I see it first hand, everyday.  If there was anything in my life I had to pinpoint that makes me proud, it would be you.   
I believe that before we even knew you were going to be our son, you chose us to be your parents.  Thank you so much for choosing us, Aidan.  We have cherished every moment since we knew you would be ours.  I won't ever take you for granted.  I know you are a gift.  My hope before anything else in your life, is that you know how loved you are.  You made us parents and you started this family with us.  You will always be our first born and the one that opened our hearts to more love than we ever knew was possible.  Every year on your Birthday I'm brought back to the moment you were first placed in my arms (you know, before Daddy took you for himself) and no matter how much I try, words will never do it justice.  I can only hope these letters scratch the surface.  Happy 9th Birthday sweet boy...we love you so much. 
Love always,

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