Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Aidan's Indian Vest

Aidan had to have an Indian vest made for a pre-Thanksgiving pow wow at school.  His teachers were pretty vague about what they wanted us to do.  They suggested we use a brown paper grocery bag and sent home a sheet of paper with some Indian "signs" on it.

I had creative freedom over this one.  I honestly started to get crazy.  I was thinking about buying a piece of leather and sewing it in to a vest.  Ordering real bird feathers.  

Then I came back down to Earth at Harris Teeter one morning and picked up the paper bag.  I wanted Aidan to actually get to do it.   

Between this vest and our Thanksgiving placemat, I was loving all of our craft projects. 

Finished project...

And a snapshot from his Thanksgiving "play"...

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