Friday, April 26, 2013

T Ball Part 2

Y'all! Our boy is a pro. I know what you're thinking. "Every parent thinks their kid is great." And while you are probably right, I honestly think Aidan has some baseball blood running through him. Adam played baseball his whole life. More than anything we're just so thrilled Aidan is having fun. We're not pushing him to do one thing more than the other...just signing him up to try a little bit of everything and right now Baseball feels like his sport.  If he ends up being in to football or the piano, it will make no difference to us.  He's just fun to watch.

It should be mentioned that Adam is "that Dad".   Aidan played first base and Adam stood on the outside of the fence and coached him through every minute of the entire game. And while I'm sure he was probably annoying the other parents Aidan was the only kid on BOTH teams to catch not one BUT two balls. He also had two great hits off the tee.   He's a great team player and he takes the game seriously.   Several of the parents were shocked it was his first game EVER.   Adam has really been working with him and it has paid off.  I know it's just T Ball but Adam has used it as an excuse to spend more time with Aidan and they have the best time together playing catch and when Adam is giving him "tips" the world stops revolving and all Aidan sees or hears is his father.  It's heart warming to watch.   It was a tear jerker (I'm only 4 months post partum, everything makes me cry!) when Aidan caught that first ball and he turned to Adam and yelled "just like you taught me Daddy". I don't think I've ever seen a prouder Dad than my hubby standing at that fence watching his boy in that moment.   His first game.

We've had two weeks of cancelled games due to rain but our next game is this weekend and we can't wait!

Enjoy the pics and this short clip!

Every single Decot family member near and far called, text, sent telegrams wondering why Aidan was wearing a Detroit hat in this picture.  Let's just get something straight.  The "D" is for Dilworth and we are Red Sox fans through and through. 

Standing outside of the car before the game.  

First base.

(It shocks me how many moms just walk around on the field micro managing their children/says the wife of Baseball Dad)
Gearing up to hit the ball.   

Practicing with Adam at a field near our house.

Team practice.  I love his Ray Ban's!


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