Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Ole Gatlinburg

Last Friday Adam and celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  We didn't make any grand plans because we knew I was going to be pregnant and truthfully I wasn't too keen on being somewhere tropical for a long weekend in a bathing suit and without an adult beverage.  So we are taking an anniversary rain check. 

We did however decide to take Aidan on his "baby moon".  We had this idea in our heads that we would take him somewhere there would be something for us to do all day every day so he would constantly be entertained and get to do whatever his little heart desired.

So we chose the tackiest place on Earth.  Adam's suggestion.  Gatlinburg, TN.  The Myrtle Beach of the mountains but 1/8 of the space and the same amount of people.  Can you imagine??  So. many. people.  I had been once as a child (passing through) but didn't remember it at all and Adam vacationed there as a child but didn't remember it being so packed (not sure if he ever made it out of his campground).  We were reminded all weekend that the things that entertain you as a child are far from the same things that entertain you as an adult.  And that we must be getting old.

Anyways some pictures...

We stayed at the Park Vista.  It's a Double Tree by Hilton.  
We left on Friday and got there just after dark.  We were pulling in to the resort and a huge black bear walked in front of the car and across the guard rail on the other side of the road! It was nuts! We checked in, unpacked the car and ordered some room service before hitting the pool for the night.  Which is all Aidan wanted to do.

We woke up to another visitor outside...

 We did a lot of things that Aidan wanted to do...
(Nascar Speed Park)
First time driving a Go Cart

Rock climbing...
(So nervous)

Asking to have his picture taken in front of race cars...
We also played indoor mini golf, rode the Gatlinburg Trolley, spent 3 hours in an arcade and my personal favorite...spent time lounging around in the room.


 I know he had a great time but the traffic was horrendous, we could not find a decent bite of food to save our lives and we made the decision we will probably never set foot in Gatlinburg, TN again as long as we live. 

But Aidan didn't know the difference and it was his weekend after all.  I won't ever complain about a 3 hour car ride where I got to hold hands with my best friend, laugh with him about the goofy things our sweet son does from the back seat, daydream out loud about the future with "our boys".  And I won't ever want to take back the times I felt like a child myself seeing things through Aidan's eyes.  There is nothing like being able to know your child wants for nothing and is content right where he is as long as it's with you. 

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