Monday, October 1, 2012


We made the trek up to Shelby this weekend to attend the Cleveland County Fair.  Adam used to go when he lived up there during his high school years and every kid loves a fair.  I love it because it takes me so far out of my element! 

The second we walk through the gates the boys are off to the races! Adam lets Aidan play anything and everything and he will ride whatever he wants with him.  Aidan hit the Dad jackpot!

 Waiting in line so Mommy can have a funnel cake. Obviously.
 They didn't win this one...

But they won the next one.  And this giant dog was the prize.  Hilariously tacky. 
I didn't ride anything this year because of my fear I would have to tell people "I went in to labor early on the Ferris Wheel at the Cleveland County Fair". I'm deathly afraid of heights so this would have been it for me.  But Aidan wanted to go up and so his father obliged.

I happily watched and waved from the ground! And brushed powdered sugar off of my belly every few minutes from my funnel cake. 
We paid three bucks to see Sampson the world's biggest horse.  We couldn't decide if he was really THAT BIG or if his enclosure was just really that small.  For what's it's worth, someone seems to take decent care of this horse.  He was gorgeous.
We finished the night off with the Tractor Pull.  Always a good time!
 A boy and his carny dog?? watching the Tractor Pull. Aidan was much more impressed with the Demolition Derby we caught last year.

The people watching alone is always worth the drive for me and a silly as they often are, the memories we make are ones we'll always have!!


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