Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary Hunny!

Happy Anniversary to my HUBBY Adam!

Being married to you is SO. MUCH. FUN.

and SO. EASY. 

Every day is a new adventure.

I feel like we have this secret the rest of the world doesn't know about.  Not that one. The other one. Wink.

This marriage is MORE than I ever could have wanted.

4 years.

It's only getting better babe.


I love you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your Honey April!!!! And many many more!!

Have a marvelous week!!!

Holly N. Madugula
Arlington, TX

Adam said...

I'll show you easy! Lol
Thank you so much for being the wonderful person you are!! I love you so much babe and look forward to you, watching me grow old in front of you!
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!
Cheers to another year!