Monday, October 10, 2011

Cell Phone Photos That Crack Me Up

I love going through my phone because I always find the most random photos that make me remember hilarious things about Aidan. 

We let Aidan stay up super late the night of Adam's party because some of our friends had brought their families and the kids were having a great time. It's pretty typical of Aidan to skip meals when we have company because he is so pysched to have someone to play with he doesn't notice his hunger.
So the night of Adam's party things had started to quiet down and all but a few of our guests had trickled out.  There was a small group of us sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows when I realized Aidan had pulled up a chair behind us.  The funny part:  He had helped himself to some of the food leftover and was eating it half asleep with his hands.  When we offered him a fork he broke in to tears because he knew waiting on a fork would pro long him filling up after not eating since lunch 12 hours earlier.  And don't for one minute think he didn't finish his whole meal just before completely passing out moments later.  Fire hat and all.

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