Monday, September 23, 2013

Kellan 9 Months

Our munchkin is creeping up on his first birthday in December!  He turned 9 months old on the 12th!  And has officially been out of the womb longer than he was in.   He truly is the sweetest, happiest baby.  Just like his big brother was. 

He now has 3 teeth, walks around when he can hold on to something (ie coffee table), gives us nice open mouth kisses, calls "MA MA" when he wants my attention, waves "bye bye" and spells his name in five languages.  Only one part of that is a fib.   He could possibly be walking any day.  When he is tired or shy he nuzzles his head right in to our shoulders and it's the cutest thing!

We have been so lucky that he has been completely healthy because we are in between pediatricians and he hasn't been to the Dr. in months.   Hence the reason I have no idea how much he weighs or how tall he is now.   Although since he is so mobile, he is thinning out.  I don't think the word "thin" will be used to describe him anytime soon but he is dropping a few lbs.

He scares us to death every day when he eats.  It feels like he chokes on EVERYTHING.  I may have stated that before in a post.  He loves food (can ya tell)  but we are so limited on what I will actually feed him because I am so terrified he is going to choke. 

He is dying to be on the go with his big brother.   Everything Aidan does, Kellan wants to do.  Typical of siblings.  Luckily, Aidan LOVES his baby brother.  He welcomes him in to his room and lets him play with his toys daily, picks him up and kisses him when he gets home from school, they snuggle up on the sofa and Aidan will watch a movie while Kellan just stares in awe of his brother.  It's pretty much the cutest sibling relationship ever.  I hope they are this in to each other forever.  Adam and I really have tried to foster it but is has been easy because they just naturally love one another to death.  The squeal Kellan lets out every time he sees Aidan is amazing.  

We are just so crazy about this baby. 

We love you Kellan. 

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