Sunday, August 18, 2013

8 Months Old...

Kellan on the 12th you turned 8 months old!  I've started thinking about what I want to do for your first birthday which means this year has flown by! I'm thinking about a mustache theme.  No real reason behind that.

We have not been to the Dr. in months so I have no idea what your official stats are but I would assume you've gained a few lbs and are getting taller! I think you are thinning out but there is some argument in that department from other parties.  Not that they matter. 


You are seriously the happiest baby.  You laugh and laugh and laugh all day long.
You are incredibly entertained by Aidan.  In the car he talks to you and you two giggle.  It's the sweetest sound to my ears. 

You are on a decent nap schedule.  You get up about 9 and then go back down for your first nap around 10:30.  You sleep for an hour or a little more and then you are up again! We play and you eat and then it's back down for your long nap of the day around 1:30-2.  You sleep until 4 usually.  Sometimes longer but I don't like to let you sleep too long because then you want to stay up later and Mommy needs her quiet time.  Aidan will educate you on "Mommy time" when you are old enough to understand.

You are finally eating some food.  I buy the packets of organic food and try to feed you but you are much happier feeding yourself.  So I let you suck them down.  Still choking on any kind of puffs or solid food which gives me a heart attack.  Just tonight after dinner I thought I would try to give you one or two strawberry puffs just to keep on 'keepin on' in the progress of trying to get you to eat more and you choked on the 5th one.  Like really choked.  I was screaming for Daddy and finally you threw up at least half of what was in your stomach from dinner.  I felt so awful you were crying but at the same time I was so happy to hear you.  It meant you were breathing!  I immediately got online and signed up for a CPR class.  It's been a few years and I'm feeling like I need to brush up my skills.  I have images of getting so desperate I chew up your food for you like a bird, Alicia Silverstone style.

But the biggest thing about the 8th month of your life...YOU.STARTED.CRAWLING.
I was thrilled and depressed all at the same time.  For weeks you tried and tried and your foot was always stuck under your bum and then (of course) one night at Nana and Grandpa's, Grandpa got on the floor and off you went.  You are in to everything.  We never had to baby proof with Aidan but that's not going to be the case with you.  Your idea of fun is sticking your finger in an outlet.  So, I'll be investing in some of those lovely covers.  It's on video!

I think everyone thinks you will walk sooner than later.  You pull yourself up on to the ottoman and coffee table and you are dying to take off with Aidan.  Once that happens there will be no one who can stop you.  You can see it in your eyes.  You want to take off with your big brother so bad!
In this photo below you two are wearing matching tie dye.  Aidan was at summer camp and every week they tie dye.  So one week he asked if he could have something of yours to take to dye as well.  He's always thinking about you!

(your hair is doing something funky in this photo making your head look so weird)

Aidan learned how to ride his bike without training wheels this summer so he and Daddy have been taking bike rides most nights.  They swore you looked like you were dying to go so we hooked a bike trailer up to Daddy's bike and you took off with them.  I could go, but I think Daddy enjoys the time with his boys. 

We are enjoying every minute with you.
We love you so much Kel!


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