Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

View of the lake
Gosh ladies, I know you wish your man was this hot...haha
Aidan's very own lounge chair at the pool
In his floaty I bought him just for the pool
Mmm animal crackers
Trying to drink a bubba with his life vest on
Hanging out with Daddy in the tube ( I had them tied to the dock)

Aidan waving to me on the lawn mower
Sleeping in his car seat
Hanging out at Nana & Grandpa's
Lounging on his grandpa
Adam relaxing (that thing we are all constantly trying to get him to do)

We had a very event filled, wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. We initially had planned on going to the beach house in Charleston for the weekend, but my dad's dental hygienist asked if she could take her grandson whom is living with a rare disease and his family to the house to get away from everything for the weekend. Of course we let them have the house. So we were still determined to spend some time in the sunshine! Adam thankfully is now completely done with working weekends so we had him all to ourselves! Adam drove to Shelby to get us all Bridge's BBQ for dinner Friday and we ate with my parents at their house. Saturday Amanda, Candace, Aidan and myself headed to the pool for the first time this season to see how Aidan would do. Well, after a little coaxing, surprise, surprise he loved it! We put him in the baby pool and he literally just walked around in his float, touched everything, splashed a little and had a great time. Sunday was followed by a similar outing to the pool with Amanda, Adam, Aidan and myself. Monday Adam was able to get the day off and we headed to Candace's parents home at Mountain Island Lake. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed it. Aidan was absolutely perfect the entire day, Adam was really able to relax and we got to spend some good quality time as a family. I feel so blessed to get to live the life we do. My next post will probably be after the little guy's first birthday! I hope these pictures will tide you all over until then! Love to everyone.

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